Our Defence Expertise

With vast experience in the the defence sector we can help you find your way in this strategically critical and well funded sector. 

With vast experience in the the defence sector we can help you find your way in this strategically critical and well funded sector. 

Avantis founders Sam and Tony both started their careers as engineers in defence. They quickly found their niche when it came to being able to straddle the engineer project /operations divide. Fast forward 15 years and they have been responsible for helping clients to solve some impressive people, project, programme and engineering based problems. In the process they have built relationships and gained a unique understanding into defence procurement and professional service and technology supply chains.

Setting up the governance for £300m digital programmes

Starting small and growing the team through a reputation built on quality delivery we worked across multiple project teams to set up and maintain programmatic control. Starting with small teams we were able to win successively larger opportunities. Each time tailoring our resourcing model to optimise the use of staff and associates.
Building relationships with successive 1 star leaders we used multiple frameworks to deliver high-quality work that the different client groups actually needed.  This resulted in being able to build a portfolio of work worth over £16m in just 3 years.  

Cost estimates to the nearest million 

Avantis co-founder Tony Purpuri worked with stakeholders from across industry in engineering, operational, support and programme disciplines to get to the right numbers for major a equipment acquisition. He had to really get under the skin of the people he worked with to help them get to the truth. Working with key partners to win the work and combining their expertise to generate data sets and analysis the client could rely on. Working together they got the job done quickly saving time and increasing confidence in the numbers. 

We re-educated the graduates

Meeting an urgent need from a public sector contact Avantis co-founder Sam Crowder was able to use his knowledge of the G-Cloud framework to get on contract quickly and deliver a much needed graduate course.  Focused around project delivery and aligned to the project management professional body he worked alongside the client organisation and brought in partners to get delivery right. Sam was able to fill the clients resource gaps, saved them time and enabled them to deliver in the future and grow their capability. The graduates were engaged and the organisation were able to maintain the majority beyond two years.

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