Consultancy Services

We specialise in providing defence specific delivery skill sets that can be deployed alongside your own technical teams. Our skilled consultants understand how the defence and public sector operate which makes us an ideal partner when it comes to winning work.

Solution Architecture

Control, Deliver and Change

Decision Support


How we work

We are strategic partners. We work together to jointly develop business in defence. Combining our end-to-end delivery experience within the public sector and your technology experience we find, bid and win work that we deliver together.

We are trusted suppliers. Whether you need delivery support for your own or your clients projects we are trusted to deliver. With our solution architecture, project delivery & controls,  procurement and decision support consulting services we can supply the expertise you need.

We are part of the team. We fully immerse ourselves in our deployments, whether for you or your clients. We become one of the team until the time is right for us to pass over to someone else.

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