Scaling Your Business

Wherever you are in your growth journey having the right people is critical. Whether you are just beginning to scale or have tried it all before we can help you.
Wherever you are in your growth journey having the right people is critical. Whether you are just beginning to scale or have tried it all before we can help you.

Business Scaling

When it comes to growing a business in defence we have been there and done that. Helping to grow the Digital Transformation Consultancy VIMA Group from 10 to 150 people in 4 years with a successful sale to KBR in 2022 for £75m (including earnouts). We understand what is required to create value and drive growth. Trust us to get you there faster.

People & Skills Development

We grew VIMA from 10 to 150 people over 4 years of staff turnover rate of below 7%. Together we worked at the heart of UK defence to map and analyse the digital and management skill sets required for the future. Our experience in professional development allowed us to create and run successful graduate and apprenticeship programmes in the public and private sectors. We provide organisations of all sizes with the ability to become self-sufficient in the recruitment, development and retainment of the skills they need to succeed in defence.

Defence Market Development

Through our campaign planning, cross functional account management approach and expert bid work we grew one consultancies account in Defence Digital from £4m to £16m in 3 years. With our extensive network and understanding of the digital landscape within defence we can help businesses of any size get into different parts of defence.

Exploit Technology

Exploiting technology is as much about how people use it as the systems themselves. With a limited budget we implemented the collaboration, HR, recruitment and resourcing systems for VIMA Group. Streaming complex recruitment, induction and HR processes and freeing up hundreds of hours of people’s time allowing VIMA to scale rapidly over a 4 year period.

What we did for VIMA Group

Tony and Sam were an integral part of the small team that turned a small consultancy into the highly successful Digital Transformation company VIMA Group. With over £22m annual revenue and 130 staff VIMA sold to KBR in 2022 for £75m.

Although both were directly involved in the delivery of consultancy services Tony was responsible for growing VIMAs largest client account whilst Sam was responsible for recruiting, developing and resourcing talent across VIMA. Together they were key to VIMAs success.

Tony and Sam worked closely together to understand the resourcing requirements and changing operating model of the growing consultancy largely driven by the work won and managed by Tony. Switching focus from associates to staff Sam crafted an inhouse recruitment process that by the time he left was capable of recruiting and onboarding 70 staff a year (with a team of just two!).


This helped Tony fuel the expansion of key defence markets and support the wider diversification of VIMA Group. Sam and Tony started by recruiting the type of people that Tony needed to support growth. Putting in a solid framework of staff and associates allowed Tony to develop junior staff as well as future leaders. This flow of talent fuelled further growth and diversification leading to Sam being able to establish a successful Project Management Graduate Programme from scratch.

Against a backdrop of rapid growth, diversification an acquisition of their own and being acquired

VIMA were able to maintain a staff turnover of approximately 7%. This astonishingly low level of attrition which in turn drove high profitability was a direct result of the employee value proposition pioneered by Sam and a delivery ethos and quality carefully crafted by Tony.

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